Hottest Japanese Girls to Follow on OnlyFans

Hottest Japanese Girls to Follow on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a massively popular and successful platform that’s been around for quite a while now. It’s the household of over 130 million users who are continuously creating and sharing content. 


OnlyFans witnessed its exponential growth since its launch and gained 3.5 million users only in March 2020. And since this was just the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and people got into their worlds of virtual realities, many saw OnlyFans as a platform to earn money, while others use it for entertainment and sexual fulfillment. 


Sex workers have flocked to this platform which gives them a safe space to create and share their content. And it gives their followers an intimate connection with the creators. 


If you are looking to find some of the hottest OnlyFans models and you are not sure where to start, we recommend checking these naked OnlyFans accounts that are pure joy. In the meanwhile, we’ll see some of the hottest Japanese girls since they are becoming very popular lately on this platform.

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka is just a delight! And I don’t think we need to introduce her to you since she is best known for her hot, steamy scenes on the screens. She is a gorgeous woman who gave and received explosive orgasms through masturbation and mind-blowing sex positions. 


Her scenes are fire and if you are a fan of boobs, her giant, natural tits will give you the pleasure of cumming within seconds. Who would want to last that short, right? But, Hitomi will get you hard and craving so you’ll want to jack off more than once.

Also, she makes sure her tits are fully disclosed on the screens and her OnlyFans account because honestly, who would get tired of watching those big, heavenly beautiful boobs?

Japanese OnlyFans
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Anri Okita

Anri Okita is one of the most popular OnlyFans, Japanese girls, also known for her giant tits and thick body. Anri is currently retired from the porn industry, however, she is active on OnlyFans. You can check her profile and enjoy her hot, sexy content.


Her posts are extremely hot because of her worldwide known titties that are bigger than your imagination. Anri constantly gives us a glimpse of her personal life on OnlyFans while posting naughty content. She feels confident in her body and knows that her boobs are her main asset. So, she keeps showing them off. We have no complaints at all!

Princess Rose

Princess Rose describes herself as a natural-born, submissive girl who will fulfill all of your fantasies. If you are into the dominant-submissive role-play, Princess Rose will give you the satisfaction of dominating her.


She also aspires to become a Hollywood cinematographer one day, so who knows, maybe we’ll see some of her movies on the big screen as well! Check her out and subscribe if you happen to like her content.


Nikodark is a petite, Japanese girl who likes to cosplay video games and anime characters. In her biography, she states that she sells spicy and mild NSFW videos and pics, however, she does not take custom orders. You can check some of her offers like albums, and DMs like ECCHI or LEWD. 


If you’d like to see her cosplaying in a particular character, send her a DM about the details and she will get those special pics for you. So, you can enjoy the beauty and charisma of this gorgeous girl.

Loren Lob

This Japanese beauty is a lively and open-minded person who likes to discover new things. Her explicit photos and videos will convince you of it! She accepts custom requests which can include some fetishes as well. If you are in the mood of playing around, check Loren out!

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka will just blow your mind! Her natural curves, beautiful face, and her skills in bed will make you want more! You can check her profile and see for yourself that she is one of the best Japanese models on this platform.

Hottest Japanese Girls to Follow on OnlyFans 2
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Mila Hulls

Milla Hulls is a fizzy, sweet, and sassy beauty who will make you remember her for the rest of your life. She invites her fans to be part of her fantasies on OnlyFans and dares them to taste her. It’s quite a bold move for such a lady! Nevertheless, we love Mila and she has deserved her place on this list as one of the hottest Japanese OnlyFans girls.


You can find Ari under the username of “funsizedasian” on OnlyFans. She describes herself as a single, girl-next-door engineer who has a spicy side. On her account you can get free schoolgirl videos as soon as you subscribe to her profile, more than 100 free, explicit videos, up to 25 minutes each, fully explicit nudes, a chance to message her and enjoy her company. So check her out!


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